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What is CompacTi?

The CompacTi device slots into the back of the CompacTR 800 Automatic Changeover and enables you to monitor the status of the ACO, either locally via Bluetooth or remotely using GSM networks. Clever algorithms in the CompacTI app intelligently delay notification of an exhausted cylinder, allowing for changes in atmospheric conditions to ensure all usable gas in the cylinder is depleted, ultimately saving you money on gas.

CompacTi Benefits


  • Easy to use app with quick status viewer. Notifies the app when your LPG cylinder needs replacement.
  • Saves you money by optimising gas consumption.
  • Minimise the possibility of gas runouts, always know when your cylinders need replacing.
  • Order gas through the app (requires supplier participation).

GSM Networking:

  • All the benefits of Bluetooth, but from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Check your gas cylinders when away from home.
  • Manage the gas at your holiday let property remotely. Ensure your guests have gas supply before they arrive.

How does CompacTi work?

ACO indicator is pointing to the right cylinder(s). The application MONITORS the gas supply from that side until the status of the indicator changes.

ACO indicator is pointing to the right cylinder(s). The contents of the cylinder(s) are almost empty, and the application uses CII to continue MONITORING the gas supply until all the available gas is used.

ACO indicator is pointing to the Right Cylinder(s), but all gas has been used. The application will ALERT the user to replace the cylinder(s). Use the Order Gas facility within the application. See the Order Gas page for more information.

Exchange procedure has been completed correctly with ACO indicator pointing to the Left Cylinder(s), and the application CONFIRMS the replacement has been made.

Operating principal with device status using CII to optimise cylinder exchange

A normal ACO regulator without CompacTi ensures continuous flow of gas even when a bank of cylinders become empty and can be viewed on the changeover knob. We call this a Physical Status.

Physical Exchange Status
– When the ACO shows a physical red window on the knob it may not have used all of the available gas in the cylinder. Particularly in cold weather or high demand situations where some of the LPG may not have evaporated inside the cylinder.

CompacTi App and device delays the notification based on the parameters set in CII allowing more of the residual LPG to be used. This is displayed in the App by a red indicator and green background (2) in the device panel. We call this the logical status

When the Changeover and CompacTi device have determined all available gas has been used, the logical status displays red indicator, red background (3) and is ready to be exchanged.

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• Clesse CompacTR800 regulators have been on sale since June 2020 and are compatible with telemetry devices.
• These devices will have a grey square insert which is removable from the regulator to fit the telemetry device.
• If this insert is not there, you will need a full changeover upgrade.

• No. Unless you are fitting the changeover and device onto a metal surface that attracts a magnet, then you will need a rubber backplate (sold separately, reference 5175T99).

• In normal operating circumstances, the battery will last more than 5yrs, and replacement batteries are available, details available on request.

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