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4 Cylinder High Capacity Commerical ACO OPSO 37mbar 12kg/h

This high capacity Automatic Changeover is designed for use with 4 or more cylinders and can achieve capacity of up to 12kg/h (166kW). Please note that a 10 x 47kg cylinder setup (5 either side) would be required to achieve 12kg/h.

Stage: Automatic Changeover
Capacity (kg/h): 12
Capacity (kW/h): 166
Pressure (Outlet): 37 mbar
Pressure (Inlet): 1 – 16 bar
OPSO: 125 mbar
PRV: 75 mbar
Outlet Connection: 3/4″ BSPT Female
Inlet Connection: 2x 500mm & 2x 750mm UK POL 5/8″ LH Male Clessinox Stainless Steel  Pigtails
  • Excellent changeover performances with low cylinder changeover pressures, ensuring efficient use of gas & maintaining consistent outlet pressure.
  • Over Pressure Shut Off device featured on all changeovers.
  • Reserve indicator built into changeover knob clearly visible and easy to use.
  • Non-Return Valve T-pieces and filtered inlets.

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