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Clesse UK

CLESSE (UK) Limited, a subsidiary of Clesse Industries SA, is the technical and distribution centre covering the UK and Irish markets, specialising in liquid gas pressure regulation equipment. Using our own manufactured and designed brands together with some of the best manufactures of gas related products from around the world, the group specifies, designs, manufactures, and distributes products to serve customers, from gas suppliers to distributors and wholesalers.

The UK division is focused on supporting the distributors, gas companies, and installers in Domestic and Commercial Gas installations. Our Worcestershire location is ideally located to serve the complete Mainland of UK and Ireland. Our stock covers a wide range of LPG products, from gas regulators, bulk tank and cylinder equipment, metering and kit solutions ranging from 1 – 2000 kg/h, together with a selection of locally sourced UK products such as hoses and fittings. Included as part of our range are commercial and industrial regulation products for high-capacity applications from Coprim and LPG vaporisers from Pegoraro in Italy.

With over 20 years’ experience, our professional sales and warehouse team are recognised as the reference for gas professionals in the industry and are ready to help you choose and supply the right equipment for your customer.

About the Clesse Industries Group

Clesse Industries, based in Cournon-d’Auvergne France, operates subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Brazil. The company specialises in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of products specifically tailored for LPG and Natural Gas applications. The product portfolio includes gas regulators, valves, fittings, and safety accessories, which are used for installations on networks, tanks, cylinders, and pipes. With over 70 years of expertise in design and manufacturing, Clesse is recognised globally as the leading provider of quality and reliable solutions for gas industry professionals, continuously driving innovation and development.

Corporate Responsibility

At Clesse UK Limited, we are committed to operating our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We recognize our responsibility to the communities in which we operate and to the world at large, and we are dedicated to promoting sustainable development through our operations and products.

To achieve this, we:

  1. Operate our business with the highest ethical standards, treating our employees, customers, and suppliers with respect and fairness.
  2. Minimize our environmental impact by reducing waste, conserving resources, and using environmentally responsible practices in our operations.
  3. Offer products that are safe, reliable, and environmentally sustainable.
  4. Continuously assess and improve our practices to ensure that we are meeting our corporate responsibility goals.

We recognize that corporate responsibility is an ongoing process, and we are committed to working with all of our stakeholders to achieve a sustainable future for everyone.

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