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What is it?

Gas telemetry technology offers a comprehensive solution for managing gas cylinders efficiently. The benefits are significant and can positively impact on operations, safety, and finances:

  • Labour Efficiency: By automating the process of checking and tracking gas cylinder run outs, the technology reduces the need for a manual labour check to estimate whether a cylinder needs replacing, saving time and resources.
  • Energy efficiency: The precise tracking eliminates premature cylinder replacements by removing the ad hoc guesswork involved in manual cylinder assessments. This not only saves costs but allows full utilization of the remaining available gas normally returned to the supplier. The end user gets better value out of each cylinder, typically 4% per cylinder, demonstrated ROI saving and reducing distribution frequency. (Cylinder weighing study 2021/22).
  • Health and Safety: Daily reports and app usage reduces a consolidated weekly need for manual lifting and handling of heavy cylinders in a single day. Improving the health and safety of maintenance teams and reduces the risk of injuries and promotes social employee well-being.
  • Optimised cylinder operations: Back-office planning on site is reduced, which permits autonomous monitoring of field operations and lowers the risk of disruptions for guests. This leads to enhanced customer satisfaction, as evidenced by survey feedback.
  • Compliance: Upgrading to ACO telemetry ensures cylinder installations meet industry codes of practice, especially OPSO safety. Clesse ACO’s have been ‘Telemetry Ready’ since 2020, with 50,000 installed across the UK, allowing quick retrofit & improved ROI.
  • In summary: Existing customers with CompacTi installed on park concluded there were proven tangible & intangible benefits, with a clear ROI. Efficiency, gas savings, and improved holiday experiences, alongside safety, and a coherence with broader waste reduction initiatives. The telemetry system delivers business confidence in maintaining gas cylinders, through data-driven decision-making and automation, whilst being fully coherent with overall ESG objectives.

data transmitted to app

Example data on live sites using CompacTi

CompacTi was added to all LPG cylinder changeover valves across fleet, staff, and sub hire caravans at several parks for multiple national holiday park groups in the UK. The data within these examples is a sample representation of average results taken.

Man Hour Savings have been validated by the holiday park operations team.

Key Operational Benefits Observed:

  • Eliminated manual cylinder checks and estimating gas contents.
  • Reduced gas run outs.
  • Customer complaints – gas run out is typically highly reported
  • Reduced boiler resets.
  • Increased proactive maintenance vs reactive
  • Improved planning for cylinder management on and off site with gas supplier.
  • Employee satisfaction.

Gas savings have been physically validated by weighing cylinders on site, and compared vs non CompacTi cylinders.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced amount of gas used in a season by at least 1 cylinder per plot, per park.
  • 1 season equates to an average 42 week period

Clesse, observed on site by park staff, weighed the cylinders at all sites and found the average gas remaining for cylinders using the CompacTi was 0.43% vs 4.5% for the ones without telematics.

Results are seen in the example statistics table below, and highlight where the companies using CompacTi have invested and will see ROI in under 2 years.

Park 1 (200 plots)
Park 2 (220 plots)
Park 3 (100 plots)
Capital Outlay £37,760.00 £42,646.00 £19,330.00
Gas Savings* £11,000.00 £12,100.00 £6,700.00
Project Labor Opportunity Cost Savings £13,400.00 £14,720.00 £5,500.00
Return on Investment (months) 18.57 19.08 19.01

Prices correct as of March 2023 – Subject to quotation and current market values.
* Cylinder Weighing Study 2021/22

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• Clesse CompacTR800 regulators have been on sale since June 2020 and are compatible with telemetry devices.
• These devices will have a grey square insert which is removable from the regulator to fit the telemetry device.
• If this insert is not there, you will need a full changeover upgrade.

• No. Unless you are fitting the changeover and device onto a metal surface that attracts a magnet, then you will need a rubber backplate (sold separately, reference 5175T99).

• In normal operating circumstances, the battery will last more than 5yrs, and replacement batteries are available, details available on request.

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