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Clesse UK PRS Modules


Assembled and fully tested on-site at Clesse UK, our networked distribution modules are the perfect solution for metered estates and holiday parks. Modules are available in 1st stage only, 2nd stage only, and 1st & 2nd stage configurations, with capacity up to 150kg/h as standard and high-capacity bespoke builds scalable in increments of 150kg/h.

Introduced in 2015 following extensive customer and engineering engagement, Clesse distribution modules and tank beam mounting solution have become standard equipment for the major gas companies in the UK for underground tank installation. The Active/Monitor design, incorporating our AP2 A/M OPSO 1st stage regulator and BP2402 A/M OPSO 2nd stage regulator (150kg modules only) reduces the cost of installations requiring a traditional twin stream installation, as well as significantly reducing the occurrence of nuisance OPSO trips. Product consistency with familiar off the shelf regulators means specialist engineers are not required, allowing for easy and time efficient installation and maintenance.

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