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AP2 1st Stage Active Monitor Regulator OPSO 750mbar (0.5 – 1.5 bar) 150kg/h

This regulator provides first stage regulation with OPSO at 750 mbar (adjustable between 0.5 – 1.5 bar) and is fitted directly onto a bulk tank, or inline using tank manifold kits. The AP2 is of an Active Monitor design and in normal operation, tank pressure passes through the Monitor regulator and pressure regulation is handled by the Active regulator. If the Active regulator were to enter a fault state, the Monitor regulator will respond and control pressure.

The AP2 is designed for high capacity application and is suitable to supply up to 120 properties (based on 24kW per property / 70% diversification factor).

Stage: 1st
Capacity (kg/h): 150
Capacity (kW/h): 2074
Pressure (Outlet): 750 mbar (0.5 – 1.5 bar)
Pressure (Inlet): 1.5 – 16 bar
OPSO: 2.5 bar
PRV: Yes
Outlet Connection: 1″ BSPT Female
Inlet Connection: 1″ BSPT Female
  • Active Monitor design ensure continuity of gas supply in the event of regulator failure.
  • Fitted with OPSO safety system.
  • 150kg/h high capacity.
  • Includes inbuilt filter system to ensure long term reliable operation and protection against ingress of foreign matter.

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