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BP2203 2nd Stage Regulator UPSO OPSO 75mbar 12.5kg/h

The BP2203 is a versatile 2nd stage regulator which suits may applications, providing regulation to 75mb at either the bulk tank or wall end of the Installation. This regulator incorporates relief valve, and OPSO.

Stage: 2nd
Capacity (kg/h): 12.5
Capacity (kW/h): 174
Pressure (Outlet): 75 mbar
Pressure (Inlet): 0.45 – 2 bar
OPSO: 140 mbar
PRV: 110 mbar
Outlet Connection: 3/4″ BSPT Female
Inlet Connection: 1/2″ BSPT Female
  • BP2203 is the market leading product in 2nd stage regulation, incorporating all the design features required for easy installation and after care.
  • OPSO has easy to read visual indicator and rotating cap for pressure balancing prior to complete reset.
  • Giro Vent on BP2203 allows multi position fitting for best protection against water penetration and perfect drainage of humidity condensation.

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