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BP24S 2nd Stage Regulator UPSO OPSO 37mbar 60kg/h

The BP24S range provides 2nd stage low pressure regulation at the final destination, with high capacity and a range of outlet pressure options to suit many larger applications. This range of regulators incorporates a rotatable vent and diaphragm cover, for ease of installation in any location.

Stage: 2nd
Capacity (kg/h): 60
Capacity (kW/h): 730
Pressure (Outlet): 37 mbar
Pressure (Inlet): 0.5 bar (0.3 – 2 bar)
OPSO: 130 mbar
UPSO: 28 mbar
PRV: 75 mbar
Outlet Connection: 1″ BSPT Female
Inlet Connection: 1″ BSPT Female
  • Accurate and stable pressure control.
  • Fully rotatable body and vent cover to allow installation in previously unachievable orientations.
  • OPSO and UPSO (37mbar version only) safety protection.
  • Short, efficient dimension regulator optimised for 1” connections. Designed for easy installation and servicing in space restricted areas.
  • Fitted with upstream and downstream test points.

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