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Clessinox 1.2m 35kW Stainless Steel Outlet Hose 15mm Compression

Clessinox Stainless Steel metallic flexible hose assemblies are BS6891:2015 compliant and rodent resistant, certified 1mb pressure loss per mtr @ 35kW. Suitable for use with Single cylinder installations and 2-cylinder Changeover kits.

Clessinox is a stainless steel convoluted walled hose covered with a protective UV stabilised PVC outer sleeve, providing a durable, flexible solution in gas installations and an alternative to rubber and rubber armoured hose. Specifically designed for use with LPG and Natural Gas in accordance to BS 6891:2015, BS 5482 and Liquid Gas UK COP.

  • LPG Installation standard BS6891:2015 – The specification for installation and maintenance of low pressure pipework requires the outlet hose to be armour protected from rodent attack.
  • Supplied in 2 diameters DN12 to satisfy installations up to 35kW. DN16 to satisfy installation up to 70kW. Both sizes of hose are declared with a 1mb pressure loss per metre.
  • Rubber hose without armoured protection no longer meets the requirements of BS6891:2015.

Clessinox is marked with the expected pressure drop and aids the installer to ensure the installation meets the 2mb pipework maximum permissible pressure drop requirements of BS6891. i.e. a 1.2m hose using Clessinox DN16 at 70kw/metre/1mb will have a Pd of 1.2mb. Using the same hose at a reduced 50kW, pressure drop is calculated as 1.2 x (50/70) = 0.85mb.

Service life – Normally 10 years depending on installation and use conditions. Visit the Clesse website for further installation recommendations – all hoses should be checked regularly and replaced if damaged or leaking.

Stage: N/A
Capacity (kg/h): 2.5
Capacity (kW/h): 35
Pressure (Outlet): N/A
Pressure (Inlet): N/A
Outlet Connection: 15mm Compression
Inlet Connection: 1/2″ BSPT Male
  • Flexible stainless steel metallic hose of corrugated design.
  • Low pressure loss design (less than 1mb).
  • UV Stabilised PVC outer cover protection.
  • Designed especially to meet the installation requirements of BS6891:2015 and manufactured BS EN ISO 10380.
  • Rodent resistant
  • Ultraset – new improved excess flow system
  • UV stabilised outer cover
  • Improved durability over rubber
  • Wide bore design with reduced pressure loss
  • Exceeds standard pull test requirements
  • Highly flexible
  • Traceable manufacturing
  • No internal rubber components
  • Plasticiser free
  • Cost effective
  • Fully recyclable & environmentally friendly

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