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Evolution Meterbox Medium Pressure (2nd Stage)

Created using computerised 3D design technology, together with the experience of Clesse, the Evolution meter housing represents a step forward in functionality, precision, and ease of installation in metering solutions. From new build to existing housing stock, and holiday to residential park home sectors, the unique design permits different mounting options and colours for whatever the choice of location. This Meterbox contains a medium pressure 2nd stage regulator.

Different combinations of colour, outlet type, meter type, and mounting kit available. Please see table in image section for options and part codes. Mounting kit purchased separately.

Stage: 2nd
Capacity (kg/h): 7
Capacity (kW/h): 100
Pressure (Outlet): 37 mbar
Pressure (Inlet): 0.3 – 2 bar
OPSO: 100 mbar
UPSO: 28 mbar
PRV: 75 mbar
Outlet Connection: Various
Inlet Connection: 25mm PE Transition
  • The BP2284 regulator is purpose designed for meterbox applications.
  • All medium pressure regulators are vented externally to atmosphere.
  • Medium pressure regulators come complete with OPSO/UPSO and Limited Relief Valve.
  • OPSO/UPSO safety devices are clearly marked and have a visible indicators.
  • Available in multiple combinations of colour, outlet type, meter type, and mounting kit.
  • Can be installed in wall mount/semi-submerged, post mounted, or edge of base mounted configuration.
  • Specially designed housing with high wind resistance avoids damage from environmental conditions.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Compatible for BS6891 and EN1949 domestic gas installations.
  • Designed to meet BS8499 and BS6400-3.
  • Meter box assembly with a pressure test certificate.
  • Conforms to BS476-7 class 2 fire resistance.
  • Meters to EU manufactured to EN1359; 2004/22/EC (MID).
  • Meter BS746 connections.
  • Clesse Gas pressure regulators to EN16129 and EN13785.

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