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UK Biomass Strategy 2023

Clesse Industries welcomes the UK government’s unveiling of the 2023 Biomass Strategy marking a pivotal moment on our journey towards sustainable energy. This strategy does more than just lay out a roadmap—it acknowledges the energy needs of rural communities and off-grid businesses. Central to its recommendations is the prominent role envisioned for Renewable Liquid Gas (RLG), including Bio-LPG and rDME.

Kaz Dziamarski, Clesse Industries’ Director of Business Development, rightly voices the sentiments of many in the sector:
“The importance of this strategy is in providing confidence and inspiration to various stakeholders for future investment, and that implementing such strategies requires ongoing commitment and effort from all within the LG industry who have already brought the sector to this point. As an equipment manufacturer Clesse is fully committed to the RLG journey, our focus will continue to be support of our customers to navigate that route with R&D, products and innovation for the transition to a brighter, more sustainable energy future.”

Link to the Biomass Strategy Document:

Link to Liquid Gas UK press release:

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