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You are wasting gas!

The Clesse CompacTi Automatic Changeover Monitoring system will save you on average 3.93% per cylinder, which equates to 1.85kg per 47kg cylinder per holiday home.

A fully operational season with CompacTi saves on average at least 1 x 47kg cylinders per holiday home, every season!

Average return on investment is under 2 years.

How did we get this data?

Since October 2021, Clesse UK has been conducting cylinder weighing trials in various UK holiday parks. Over 750 supposedly “empty” cylinders were weighed, revealing that, on average, these cylinders still contained 4.36% of the supplied gas. This means you’re paying to send gas back to the supplier that you could be using!

Why does this happen? LPG Automatic Changeovers rely on pressure sensing. When the pressure in the service cylinder falls below a specific threshold, the Automatic Changeover (ACO) switches to the reserve bank and indicates that the service cylinder is empty. However, various factors such as environmental conditions, namely ambient temperature, can affect the pressure inside the cylinder. As a result, even with a Clesse Compact 800 changeover that functions well at low cylinder pressures, the ACO may indicate empty while there’s still some usable gas in the cylinder.

What can I do? By installing a Clesse CompacTi unit onto your Clesse Automatic Changeover, you transform it into a Smart Device that employs advanced algorithms to accurately determine when your cylinder is truly empty. The CompacTi continuously monitors the status of your ACO, delaying notifications of an almost empty cylinder as pressure fluctuates during service. When the CompacTi app alerts you about an empty cylinder, you can be confident that it is genuinely empty. The average remaining gas content of an empty cylinder used with a CompacTi enabled ACO is only 0.43%, equating to only 200 grams of unusable gas.

Click here to learn more about CompacTi.

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