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CSR 485 Wall Dual Cylinder Regulator OPSO 37mbar 4kg/h

The CSR485 is a low-pressure cylinder regulator engineered to adhere to the most recent COP32 industry standards, mandating the inclusion of an OPSO (over pressure shut off) mechanism for enhanced safety measures.

By incorporating the OPSO feature, this regulator effectively safeguards downstream pipework and appliances from potential hazards, offering the necessary safety to protect you and your property.

We place the utmost importance on safety, and as a testament to this commitment, we have discontinued the sale of non-OPSO products unless accompanied by clear disclaimers indicating their non-compliance with current standards.

Stage: Single
Capacity (kg/h): 4
Capacity (kW/h): 55
Pressure (Outlet): 37 mbar
Pressure (Inlet): 1 – 16 bar
OPSO: 125 mbar
PRV: 75 mbar
Outlet Connection: 1/2″ Female
Inlet Connection: 2x 20″ UKPOL Rubber Pigtail
  • Mounts to wall with pigtails to attach to cylinders.
  • Consumer resettable OPSO safety system protects downstream appliances.
  • Independently operating valve head allows one or both cylinder banks to be used simultaneously for high gas offtake rates.

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